“If you were to ask

me to name the most

creative socio-political

thinker of our age, I

would not hesitate to say

Milton Friedman.”

- Daniel Patrick Moynihan

School vouchers. Legal marijuana. The volunteer Army. Taxes deducted from your paycheck. Floating exchange rates. The Earned Income Tax Credit. All of these commonplace ideas have one thing in common: they were first proposed by Milton Friedman. Far more than an academic economist, Friedman was an innovative policy thinker and tireless cheerleader for his vision of reduced government and expanded markets. His career spanned the major episodes of American history in the twentieth century, from the Great Depression to the end of the Cold War.

I am currently writing an intellectual biography of Friedman, focusing on his place in economics, his political ideas, and the influence of his wife Rose. For a peek at the archive I am using, check out the Collected Works of Milton Friedman, a selection from his papers held at Stanford’s Hoover Institution Library and Archives.

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